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Imaan Rajan is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto, pursuing a major in Political Science and Ethics Society and Law, with a minor in Religious Studies. Her interests surround relentlessly pursuing any art form she can. While she has loved singing since she was a girl, she has since prided herself on becoming a jack (or hack) of all trades. From photography, to poetry, to directorship, she has learned that to pursue an art form should have no end goal but to express oneself honestly, and without constraints. 


While in her second semester of freshman year, Imaan found herself yearning for a community for a very specific type of artist. An artist who doubted themselves. An artist in the digital age, where platforms like Instagram and Twitter can be a breeding ground for comparison and an illusion of the perfect Creative. And most importantly, an artist who was already influenced greatly by an underrepresented cultural identity. Thus, RANI Creative was born. 

RANI (n. queen, in Hindi), taught Imaan not only the layered and challenging skills of creative directorship (i.e., UI/UX, social media management, art curation), but the even doubly challenging skills of leadership and interpersonal exchange in a Zoom-centered world. It taught her what it meant to be a part of something that quickly became much bigger than herself. While much was taken away fromus during the pandemic, art prevailed, and RANI zoom calls and production became her raison d'être. It's biggest reminds her was the potential to turn passions into purpose; pandemics into promise. 



Based in

Toronto, ON

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